Andrew Richard McLanachan

b.15th September 1968

 d.10th August 2008

Andrew Richard McLanachan

Andrews funeral took place at St Mary's church Attleborough Norfolk on the 26th of August 2008.

Louise and family would like to thank everyone at Nissan San Diego for their support over the last few months and for sending the photographs of Andrew which featured at his funeral.

Andrew lived most of his early years in Attleborough and started work with Lotus Engineering in the 80's in their Pattern shop. Around 1990 he had the opportunity to move to the new Design Studio and developed his clay modelling skills. While Lotus was part of GM, Andrew worked at Opel's Russelsheim Design Centre. This fuelled his desire to contract at other companies and so he left Lotus to travel to European contracts.

In 2001 he contracted in Nissan in San Diego California and started a new life for himself and his family. After one year he took permanent employment with Nissan and moved to a new home in Temecula. The next six years Andrew enjoyed his work, California living, a beautiful home and most of all his family.

2008 started like any other year, working on a Nissan modelling programme but unfortunately Andrew fell ill and was diagnosed with cancer, the news stopped the studio with disbelief and shocked his friends and work collegues around the world. After a few short months he lost the battle, life would not be the same again for anyone that knew him, here was a man who was at the top of his profession, probably one of the best design modellers in the world living the Californian dream surrounded by true friends and loving family.

At his funeral the Church was full of family and school friends, together with a large number of Pattern-Makers, Modellers and Designers. We were there not because of Andrews skill and love of design but everyone that met and worked with him was left with his dedication, humour and most of all his love and friendship. I can't understand why he is not still with us today but I know that Automotive Design has lost a rare talent and we have lost a true friend.

Our thoughts are with his family, wife Louise and daughter Chloe.

Mike MacIsaac.


An appeal was made shortly after Andrews death by his friend Andrew Parkin here is the email :

We are having trouble setting up an account for his daughter Chloe because Louis would have to go to the bank ( just to much for her at the moment ). If everyone could dig deep and send whatever they can by check or money order payable to Chloe McLanachan to 46459 Lianne CRT Temecula, CA 92592 USA.

If you need any information you can email me at


Jeff we have some wonderful photo's of him that i would post, can you let me know what to do.

For those of you in the UK i believe his funeral is in England where he will be buried in his home soil.

Thank you everyone in advance

Andy Parkin

UK Donations

As a consequnce of the email
there is now also an account in the UK
where you can donate money to the fund.

Here are the details.

NationWide Building Society

Payee : Chloe McLanachan

Sort Code : 07-00-93

Account Number : 33333334

Ref Number :  1440/120981641

ClayChat Forum Postings

as they were received at the time


As many of you may know Andrew McLanachan has been fighting cancer this year and unfortunately I have to inform you that he has lost his battle and died yesterday, Sunday 10th August.

The funeral will take place in the UK but details are not known at present.

My condolances go out to his family.

Jeff McGahey.


What sad news that such a talented and nice family guy has passed away at such a young age.

Our condolances go out to Andrews family and to all the people who worked with Andrew at Nissan San Diego, all his friends in Southern California and Worldwide.

Joanne and Norman
Phoenix Design


I would also reitterate what a smashing all round guy and modeller Andy was I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Andy and looked forward to working with him every day .it is a huge loss to Andys family ,San Diego and the modelling world on the whole,He will be sadly missed and our condolences go out to Andys close family and friends in their time of darkness.

Rob Homer and family


I first met Andrew about 5 years ago at Nissan Designs studios in San Diego. From the moment I met him and saw him work, I realized that I had never been lucky enough to work with someone with such talent.
He had the most uncanny ability to look at a car, analyze it and quickly arrive a list of actions that needed to be done to “fix” the car. At this time he would go into an amazing zone of concentration. You simply could not disturb him at this time. Seeing him execute the actions was creative craftsmanship at its best; efficient, quick, beautiful and simply spot on. I am lucky enough to be able to say I worked with Andy for 5 fantastic years
All of which was a big part of Andy, but what I will always remember are the virtues of Andy himself.
His sense of humor was legendary; with a simple comment he had the ability to have everyone in the area doubled up with laughter. Often he would have us with tears rolling down our faces, on other occasions he would have us looking at each other in disbelief at what he just said, the comments seemed to come from know where. Those of you lucky enough to know Andy will know what I mean.
I do not think I ever heard him speak badly of anyone. He only ever had good things to say. He adored his family and spoke so proudly of his beautiful daughter Chloe and her dance lessons. He loved to talk of his home here in America with is wife Louise. He loved his life here.

To Louise, Chloe and extended family, our thoughts are with you at this dark time,

Charlie and Lucy Postins.


How very sorry we were to hear the terrible news that Andrew has passed away.
We send our deepest sympathies to his family and friends.

I had the pleasure of meeting Andrew only a few times, even though he worked for us over a number of years in the UK and America. He was a lovely man, very well respected and had an amazing talent. God bless his family and look after them at this sad time.

* Remembrance *

They are not dead,
Who leave us this great heritage of remembering joy.

They still live in our hearts,
In the happiness we knew, in the dreams we shared.

They still breathe,
In the lingering fragrance,windblown, from their favourite flowers.

They still smile in the moonlight’s silver,
And laugh in the sunlight’s sparking gold.

They still speak in the echoes of the words we’ve heard them say again and again.

They still move,
In the rhythm of waving grasses, in the dance of the tossing branches.

They are not dead;
Their memory is warm in our hearts, comfort in our sorrow.

They are not apart from us, but part of us,

For love is eternal,
And those we love shall be with us throughout all eternity.

Lee Mahon on behalf of Dave,
Graham and all the staff at Futura Design, UK.


I am very sorry to here about Andrew Mclanahan,s passing away , I worked at Nissan in San Diego for a couple of years with Andy and it was a pleasure, I got to know him very well.
He was a superb modeller and was great to be around in and out of work, his dry sense of humour would always take you by suprise, my sincere condolances go out to Chloe and louise and all his family, I know this is a very hard time for them, rest in peace Andrew

Brian , Lorraine and Charlotte Gooseman.


I was so sorry to hear the news of Andrew's passing whilst at work at Lotus last Friday. He was a very good friend from our childhood and we grew up and spent a lot of time together both at school and socially . Whilst i never had the pleasure to work with Andrew I can only confirm what a great guy he was to be around. He was one of those people who would be very good at whatever he chose to do - even as a child / teenager. He was very good at school at woodwork and metalwork and seemed to find it very easy, maybe this is where his career in clay modelling was born.

Maybe you were not aware but he was a very good BMX racer and a pretty good radio controlled car racer too. I can relate also to his sense of humour and i shall never forget that laugh of his.

I send my deepest sympathy to his wife, daughter, parents and his brother and also the rest of his family and close friends.
I had not seen Andrew for several years since he moved to America but had often thought about him and bumped into his parents from time to time. It's such a shame that such a talented and likeable guy's life has been cut short a few days short of his 40th birthday.

The world will now be a poorer place without Andrew - RIP mate .

Steve Shurey


In Japan they give these awards for excellence in modelling, we decided to use Andrew's rake and carbon spline and will mount it on the wall in the studio.


Andy Parkin

Nissan Design Studio San Diego California USA


I just want to say what a great guy Andy was, streets ahead in ability of anyone I have ever worked with.
I had the pleasure of working with him at Lotus and Nissan Cranfield.

He intoduced me to marine fish keeping, I'll always remember him most for helping me set up my first tank and costing me a fortune!

My sympathies to Louise and Chloe. A great loss to us all.

Steve Bardell


I recently heard this tragic news about Andy,and I am stunned that it happened so quickly and to someone so young.

I first met Andy at Lotus cars in Norfolk and you couldn't wish to meet such a lovely guy and the most unoffensive of people. His talent was remarkable for such a young guy and he had us all howling with laughter a lot of the time with his comments.Those of us who new Andy will remember these fondly.

I last saw Andy at his home in San Diego a couple of years ago and he loved the lifestle and had settled in so well.It's such a cruel twist of fate.

Andy will be missed greatly by all that knew him,and I would like to extend my condolences to Andy's wife and family at this difficult time.

Rob Fallon


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