John Wall

b. 26/03/47 - d. 26/08/05

John Wall

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August 30 2005

It is with great sadness that I am writing to let you know that on Friday 26th August 2005 John Wall passed away.

As many of you may know, John had been ill for some time. John has worked with many people around the world and made lots of friends - I know he will be greatly missed.

Jamie Hope

August 31 2005

I am very sorry to hear that John did not win the battle to regain his health and get back to work in the industry that he loved so much.

He was a good friend to many of us and generous to a fault, may he rest in peace.

All my sympathy to his family and friends and the team at Ford UK.

Another great character gone - who is going to take the title of "best modeller in the world" now?

Alison Harper __________________________________

September 2 2005

Deepest sympathy goes out to John's Family & close Friends,I know he's been battling hard this last year. I remember him as a great character during our times in Sweden, who was always cheerfull and a very Professional Modeller.

John Coppin

September 4 2005

I am sorry to hear of the death of John Wall I never met him but he made his presence known to me with his support of the website in the early days of developing the site.

John was very enthusiastic about the concept of keeping in touch with modellers he had worked with in different parts of the world and often contributed to the website. He will be greatly missed.

My condolences to his family and friends.

Jeff McGahey

September 15 2005

Myself and Colin Hart went to John's funeral.
It was a very fitting tribute to him. His coffin arriving in a purpose built motorbike sidecar along with a very noisy procession of BSA's and other old motorbikes.

A very nice eulogy with some great tributes from Pete Gammans, his daughter and his motobike buddies. His favourite music playing, Dire Straits and Pink Floyd.

A very sad day but lightened by the last say from John in going out in just the way he wanted.

My love and sympathies go out to the lovely Noriko and John's family.

I will always remember his generousity towards me when we worked together in oz many years ago.

Jamie Hope

 Triumph Bonneville

October 2005

Here is a picture of John's Triumph Bonneville taken in his garden on the day of the funeral.
When I bought it he was still mobile & sighted. I told him that should a miracle happen it would be returned to him.
I often visited the nursing home, although now blind he would hear me coming minutes before I arrived. I would rev up outside his window & on entering his room be greeted with a big grin.

The comments on this Obituary site from fellow modellers have been repeated by his motorcycling friends, " generous, good humoured and helpfull".

Alan Marchant

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