Leonard Ellis

b.1946 - d.2001

Leonard Ellis

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This was an email sent in by John Wall.

This is the short speech that Peter Gammans gave at Lens funeral, I think it makes a fine obituary, Debbie agrees too. I asked Barb, Debbie and Lee's permission to say a few words on behalf of the clay modelling and design community for Len. I know they have been a bit surprised at the response they received for Len, but it's no surprise to us, because in Len we all found a great friend and work colleague who lit up our lives with his great sense of humour, his feats of strength, his generosity and especially his sayings. For instance,''you've got to stoke yer boilers'' and ''get it down yer neck'' (his terms for eating) and ''get it on the drive'' (meaning spend your money). There's numerous stories surrounding Len and I'm sure we will all be relating these for years to come.

So from all of us Len, you may be gone,but never ,ever, forgotten.

John Wall (deceased)

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