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Posted on December 02 2004

I am sorry to report that my first thread on this board is indeed a very sad one.

I heard yesterday that Norman Smailes has recently passed away.

Norman worked as a modeller starting at Luton Vauxhall styling, before going onto International Automotive Design in Worthing.

A dear friend and colleague Norman was a kind and gentle man who had many friends, it was very difficult not to like Norman, those of you that worked with him will know he had a pleasant nature and a kind heart.

I personally have fond memories of working with Norman at IAD for many years, along with spending many a Friday night with him down his local pub ( The Lamb) in Angmering.

Norman was one of the first modellers employed by John Shute ( IAD) and I know many of you will join me in having fond memories of Norman in the the good old days of IAD but also be saddened by this news.

I believe his funeral was yesterday 1st Dec 2004.

My deepest sympathy goes out to his wife Pam and children, two of whom Nigel and David also worked with us at IAD.

Dave Cox

I think that you have just about said it all Dave but to add that Norman was one of lifes " true gentlemen ".

A better man there never was.

Mike Cartwright

Mike I have to agree with you, Norman was a great guy and I am glad I had the opportunity to work with him at IAD.

I am sure he will be missed by all that had the pleasure to know and work with him.

my best wishes go out to Pam, Nigel and David

Paul Ratcliffe

My condolances go out to the Smailes Family.

They must truly miss him.

He was a true Gentlemen, and through this walk of life I was lucky enough to have met Norman.


Chas Miles

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