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Halloween At Ford Lincoln California USA 2004

From Left to Right:

Back row:
Jeffery Dalmer, Craig Kennedy, Paul Loomes, Paul Ratcliffe, John Boylan, Shelby Faulhalber, Kim Cantrell, Bill Chaterlea, Nick Case, Todd Boepple, Jackson Wang, Andy Withey, Dave Morris, Brian Burrito, Gus Perez, Dennis Flick, Shaggy, Kris Thomasson, Derrik Milsap, Bernie Koehlor. Robert Crysel and Big Buddy Lesko.

Front row:
Mark Gorman, Emily Sawamura, Alan Messa, Larry Abele, Steve Buckel, Ron Anderson, Jeremy Leng and Johnny Grab.

Halloween 2004

sent in by Paul Ratcliffe.

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