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The the Old Solihull Design studio in about 1976

This picture shows Fred Allright (Studio handyman) retiring.
I wonder if people still recognise these faces ?

Update from Gary Perkins June 28 2008

From left to right, (I believe)---

Richard Sansome, Bill Savage, Harry Crudgington, Melody ? , Len Lucas, Len Smith, Fred Allright,
Dennis Hill, Phil James, Unknown Mrs Allright, Dennis Taylor, Reg Aston, Unknown,
Ken Barton, Tony Poole, Charlie Coldham, John Thompson, Candy Slowly, Ken Monk, Ted Arnold,
Ray Foster, Alan Johnson, Mick Wilkes, Chris Stevens, Andy Wheeler, Gary Perkins, Engineer,
Memo Osoturk, (excuse spelling) Engineer, Billy Hubard, Unknown , Ken Johnson, Unknown,
Unknown, Paul Taylor, Unknown . Paul Rattcliffe was probably at college !

The Old Landrover Studio Solihull 


sent in by Gary Perkins

Last Update: 28 June 2008